Are you looking to buy coffee beans in bulk supply of minimum 10kg per order?

At MULO coffee, we are your coffee beans wholesale supplier.

We offer the perfect solution for large scale coffee shops, stores, and offices offering the art of the italian artisanal roasting.

We have several flavors for your company to choose from at an unbeatable quality.

Allow your store to save money by purchasing wholesale roasted coffee beans.

We supply our coffee at affordable pricing.

* Contact us for more informations.


We don’t sell or lease equipment at this time, but we can help you to find and make choices that will meet the needs of your business.


As a wholesale customer we will also provide, if needed, free extensive barista training to give your staff the confidence and knowledge they need to get the best from the coffees they’ll be working with.

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2022 PROMOTION - Order 2kg and you’ll get additional 250g FREE. Order 5kg and you’ll get additional 1kg FREE. For orders above 10kg, visit our wholesale page.